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Creating a website is an important first step, but most websites need to be periodically updated. Your store hours may change, or you might begin providing a new product or service... various things can require an update to the content of your website.

If your website uses software like a content managment system, that software may occasionally need to be updated as new features are added and bugs are fixed. And as your business grows, you may occasionally want new functionality added to your website.

All of these possibilities are collectively known as maintenance - something Reitz Internet routinely does for our clients' websites.

Depending on your needs, we can arrange to perform a fixed hourly amount of maintenance on your website each month or year, or you can just contact us whenever you need an update made. We can also include software such as content management tools in your website that will save you time and expense by allowing you to make some content updates yourself.

Please contact us if you'd like Reitz Internet to help maintain your website.