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Logo Design

A logo is a mark that uniquely identifies a company, product, or brand. A successful logo is:

  • Simple. Overly complex logo images are confusing and distracting. Simple is better.
  • Unique. Some logo designers use and re-use variations of the same basic designs. This reduces design time and expense, but results in "cookie-cutter" designs that look the same as many others. A logo image should be one-of-a-kind.
  • Memorable. Because a logo image represents a company, product, or brand, it must be stick in the brain. If someone has seen your logo before, their mind should immediately link it to your brand as soon as they see it again.
  • Versatile. A logo image should work at many different sizes, colors, backgrounds, on both digital and print media. You never know: someday your logo may show up on a billboard, or in neon lighting, or as a tiny icon on a smartphone.

Our Design Process

Our design process begins when we ask a client to complete a worksheet that tells us about their design preferences and about their intended audience. Often we do some research to learn about the client's industry, products, competitors, and other relevant facts.

Based on that information, we create three to five logo concepts - shapes, letters, and colors arranged to form a unique symbol which could represent the client's brand. We present the concepts, and the client chooses one or two candidates to develop further.

We go through one or two rounds of revisions. The client gives us feedback about elements of each candidate they do and don't like. We use that information to tweak the candidate, and we present several new variations.

The client then makes a final choice, and we provide the client with the completed logo image in various sizes and formats.


The price for logo design depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The number of logo concepts the client wants
  • The number of revisions required
  • The amound of background research and study we must do to design a good logo
  • Whether the logo design is part of a larger project
  • Completion timeline and current workload
  • other factors

Our logo design prices are not the lowest you can find, but we think you will find the quality of our work well worth the expense.

OK, I want a logo design

Great. Please complete our logo design worksheet.

Logo Design Worksheet