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Support Policy

The purpose of this policy is to clearly lay out Reitz Internet's support policies and procedures so that all customers have a clear understanding what can be expected of us and what we expect of you, our valued customer. We ask that every customer read these policies and familiarize themselves with them. We look forward to providing quality support for all your hosting needs

Methods of Support

  • Tickets - This is our primary support system. Almost ALL issues will require the submission of a trouble ticket. This is our preferred method because of the ability to track issues to resolution and give us time to properly review and research problems. Please do not submit multiple tickets about the same problem as that simply creates confusion. If you need to add information to an existing ticket, please do so in the existing ticket by logging into the support system or by replying to the ticket email.

Support Hours

  • Technical Support Tickets: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Billing Tickets
    • Monday-Friday 10:00AM - 5:00PM US Central Time
    • You can of course submit tickets outside this time frame, but answers may not be received until business hours resume.
    • If you are experiencing an active problem with your account due to a billing issue (such as account suspension), please contact Technical Support for quicker resolution.

Escalation Procedures

Tickets are triaged when received based on the type of problem. Issues such as immediate outages are given the highest priority while requests that are less time sensitive are given lower priorities. We strive to respond to all tickets within 24 hours. Tickets that are not answered within this time period are automatically raised in priority. If your request is time sensitive, please mention that in the ticket and we will do our best to accommodate.

Billing/Sales Support

Billing and Sales tickets may have longer response times because immediate technical issues will take priority. Please see our Billing Policy for more information regarding Reitz Internet's billing policies.

Customer Relationships

We strive to provide you with courteous, professional, and technically accurate support. Although we understand how frustrating technical problems can be, we ask that you treat us with respect and we will do the same in return. Our ultimate goals are the same, providing you with accurate support in a timely manner.