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Below you will find a list of legal documents and policies which govern our relationships with our clients. This list may include Terms and Conditions, Reitz Internet software licenses, service agreements, policies, or other documents.

Terms and Conditions

Use of this website indicates your agreement to these Terms and Conditions. Please review this document for important information about rights and responsibilities related to our site.

Hosting Terms of Service

If you have a web hosting account with Reitz Internet, then your use of that service must comply with the guidelines, guarantees, limitations, and other terms outlined in this document.

Privacy Policy

Review this document for important information about your privacy with Reitz Internet. We never knowingly share any personal data we collect about you with any third party, unless your violate our Terms and Conditions, or we are required to do so by law.

Acceptable Use Policy

Learn about what constitutes "acceptable use" of our hosting services. These rules are in place to protect everyone and to make the web a safer place.

Billing Policy

Read this document for information about how Reitz Internet charges you for products and services we provide.

Maintenance Policy

In order to operate efficiently and securely, servers and network equipment require routine maintenance and upgrades. This document defines our maintenance policy regarding the scheduling of network and server outage periods.

Support Policy

This document outlines the support our hosting clients can expect from Reitz Internet, and what we expect from you.